Looking to work on your core, glutes, and cardio with no equipment?

Ready to add new bodyweight workouts to your journey? 

Or just looking to switch up your routine for the next four weeks?


This challenge is calling your name!

Purchase our Rock fitness challenge!

We know what it’s like to be busy, that's why you can access our programs anytime, anywhere!


Challenge includes:

Four Step by step workout videos that you can access anytime anywhere.

Electronic calendar to help you become accountable over the next for weeks.


Rock the Slay anywhere, anytime with Soul Health Chronicles!


Be sure to check your email after purchase to access the challenge!

This challenge is yours to keep, however the link expires in 30 days, be sure to save documents to your device!


P.s...We love to see transformations, workout videos, and sweaty selfies! 

Send by email (soulhealthchronicles@gmail.com )or tag us ( @soulhealthchronicles) on socials!

Rock the Slay Fitness Challenge