Full Body Flex 30 Day Challenge


Are you someone that says “I just want to tone.”

Or someone who wanted to target their full body when working out?

Or are you someone who is ready to work on those body goals from anywhere with little to no equipment?


Register for our 30 day Full Body Flex challenge starting Tuesday August 3!


Challenge includes:

  • Access to daily workout video tutorials, proven routines to tone your full body while burning fat.
  • Private accountability group chat for support, motivation, tips, funny memes, community and more!
  • Chance to win giveaways!
  • Accountability calendar
  • Kitchen e-book with tips on creating a healthy lifestyle rather than unrealistic diets


You will receive all details of the challenge on Monday August 2 to your email.


You are your biggest flex, it’s time to show yourself what your body and mind is capable of building on its own!


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Full Body Flex-30 Day Challenge