Tips for your at Home Workout Routine

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

They say one thing constant in life is change.

I think we can all agree that we are adapting to a huge dose of change at once. During this time we may feel anxious, overwhelmed, confused, stressed, and etc.

While taking care of your mental health is very important, how can we adjust to having the only option of workout out at home?

Benefits of working out exceed beyond body goals, probably now more than ever. Physical activity can lead to the release of positive endorphins, improved mood, relief from physical pains, weight management, improve mental health and much more.

While the benefits of physical activity are endless, it all begins with a shift in our mindset. Think about it, how do you view fitness?

Are you?

-A person who typically goes to the gym often.

-Attend classes such as yoga, spin class, Zumba, and etc.

-A person who tends to depend on your workout partner to keep you accountable.

Every person is different and that is perfectly normal. This is the perfect time remember your WHY. Why you begin the lifestyle of becoming active or why you want to start; this will help with accountability and motivation during this time.

Below are four tips to enhance or start (perfect time to begin your journey) your At Home Fitness Routine.

1. Dedicate space to working out.

Similar to having a space to sleep, work, cook, shower etc. your workout space should be the same. Whether it is a room, a corner, a chair, stairs etc. Dedicating a certain space can enhance the positive vibes of looking forward to working out. No matter how confined the space looks a great workout can still get done with a shift in the mindset.

2. Schedule time to workout each day.

Establishing a routine helps to create habits. Depending on patterns of each person it can take 18-254 days to form a new habit. Scheduling your time is the beginning of a routine. Similar to scheduling your lunch at work, dedicate 30-60 minutes 3-4 times each week to workout. Schedule that time frame in your phone, calendar, planner etc. as a reminder. Some days you may squeeze your workout later than you scheduled and that is okay, it happens.

3. Shift your mindset before your workout.

Whether you are at the gym, a fitness class, or at home; it all boils down to your mindset. Making the conscious decision and effort to be fully present for those 30-60 minutes dedicated just to you is priceless. Whether it’s giving yourself a pep talk, putting on music, blocking out distractions, etc. This is where your WHY can come into place. Why do you want to remain active? What are you looking to achieve during your workout?

Do what works best for you to be fully present.

4. Remember that you are your only competition.

Even though it may seem like we have more time on our hands, we are still with a lot of different changes and emotions at this time. Be patient with your body, set realistic goals for yourself, and try not to compare your journey to anybody else's. This is your journey, set your expectations and goals because they are what you truly want to achieve.

Check out this video with five workouts that can be done right at home. Let’s get creative in the space we are spending the most time!

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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