Thriving in the COVID-19 Age:Challenges and Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought major changes in our lives. We strive to remain healthy, stay connected with our loved ones, provide for our families, and choose careers that fulfill us financially and emotionally. Flexibility, an open mind, and a willingness to learn are vital to making things work as we navigate what lies ahead.

Health, Fitness, and Social Distancing

Staying healthy has proven to be one of the biggest challenges during the pandemic. Recent polls show that some Americans have undertaken positive lifestyle changes. These include nutritious eating and regular exercise. It’s not been easy, though, as many reported experiencing more stress, depression, inactivity, and weight gain. In this environment, healthy choices and self-care are more important than ever. Whether you’re quarantining or not, some useful tips can help you stay fit while at home:

  • Use the stairs more. Start with three 20-second fast stair climbs each day and work your way up.

  • Work indoor bodyweight exercises into your routine. Some examples are lunges, situps, squats, and pushups.

  • Put on some music and dance! It can improve your physical and mental health.

  • Play with your pets and kids. Indoor and outdoor activities keep both two- and four-legged family members in shape.

  • Explore Soul Health Chronicles’ available fitness services!

Teleworking With Kids at Home

For those who did in-person work before the pandemic, home-based work can be a major change. There are some great benefits offered by telecommuting: greater productivity, more control over one’s work environment, and improved work/life balance. However, parents on the job face a unique challenge: How do you get anything done when the kids are around? As schools struggle to stay open and developing COVID-19 variants pose new threats, working at home with kids becomes a salient issue.

Fortunately, parents can make telecommuting work with smart strategies. Setting a schedule helps set boundaries between home and work time, plus it keeps your kids on track. Stick to a consistent daily routine of showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and such at the same time each day. You should also create separate work and play areas in your home, but flexibility is key. You may need to arrange pockets of time for work so you can give your kids time, attention, and care when they need it. It’s also wise to keep management in the loop about your situation and schedule.

New Career Opportunities Ahead

The latest figures reveal that around 3.8 million workers have left their jobs every month during 2021. During this “Great Resignation,” perhaps you’ve been eyeing a career change yourself. Quitters can win in the work world, but it takes strategic planning to succeed. You’ll need to upgrade your skills through more experience and education. For instance, you can complete an education degree online. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree in this field can open the door for many jobs:

  • Adult education and ESL programs

  • Career and technical education

  • Kindergarten and elementary school

  • Middle school and high school

  • Special education programs

Distance learning programs offer the flexibility that adults going back to school need in their busy lives. After finishing your online degree, you should apply for your teaching certification. You must pass your state’s required exams, present your school transcripts, and undergo a background check.

Prospering in Extraordinary Times

Amid challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re not just trying to adjust — we also want to flourish. We’re tough and determined, but creating our best lives requires more than persistence. Making informed choices is vital for supporting our family, career, and wellness needs.

Written by: Jason Lewis

Soul Health Chronicles LLC provides health and fitness resources and knowledge for your journey at any stage, learn more here.

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