Tips to make your self care a priority.

Self-care is selfish and there is nothing wrong with carving out time just for your amazing self.

We make time for everyone else so why not ourselves?

Self-care simply means preserving one’s health. It can be anything simple however.

If you do not make it a priority it can easily become the last thing on your mind.

It is just like your 9-5 or your own business. If you do not schedule tasks, meetings, an alarm clock etc.; how would you hold yourself accountable? Those gadgets help to remind you to get things done.the tools used to remind you to get things done. How would you remember everything you need to get done?

We are all so busy so it helps to schedule time for yourself. Sounds crazy right? Not at all!

Here are a few tips to pencil time in for you this week:

1. Pencil time in for yourself.

Have a smart phone, planner, or calendar?

Schedule #onehouraday just for you. Literally write ‘ME TIME’ on your calendar, daily.

Seeing your tasks written down helps to register to your mind as a reminder that this task is a priority.

2. Find an accountability partner with similar goals….it will help keep you accountable and them.

Two heads are better than one. It helps to have someone on the same level or a higher level that empowers you to be better, to make time to work on becoming the best version of you. Two people working on self-care goals is better than one


3. Wake up one hour earlier for your ‘ME TIME’

Is time a barrier? Never feel like you have enough time in the day? Feel like you hit the ground running as soon as your alarm clock goes off?

Waking up an hour earlier to start your day just might do the trick!

I wake up one hour earlier during the week to mediate, set the tone for my day, and speak positive affirmations into my life; I consider that my ‘ME TIME’ before doing anything else.

During the first two weeks it took some getting used to but now it is part of my daily routine, even on the weekends.

4. Make self-care fun, not a chore!

I remember when I was young, having chores to do was no fun however things had to get done.

Now as a grown woman self-care is a priority but I don’t allow myself to make it feel like a chore. When things feel like a chore, we may still complete the task but will not enjoy it as much and that's not self-care.

Instead change how you view self-care, perception is everything, it can empower or deter us from our plans and tasks.


Self-care is selfish, it is a time for yourself to reset and recharge your mind, body, and soul.

It does not have to be lavish, expensive, or feel like a chore; it just has to be for you.

Pencil time in for yourself moving forward, you deserve it and much more.

Remember, you are your only competition. Do not stop working on becoming the best version of you.

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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