Homework: Shifting the mindset for home workouts

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The only word I can use to describe the year 2020 is "roller coaster." From transitioning into a global pandemic, the presidential election, racial injustice, speedily approaching holiday season, and more it's been a roller coaster all around.This year has taught me more than ever the importance of having and open mindset and giving yourself permission and grace when taking on a new shift.

With everything that has occurred this year I found it vital to continue to prioritize my physical health. Those that have followed my journey know that I began working out right at home then transitioned to a gym, group classes, outdoors, and etc.

At the beginning of the pandemic when gyms were mandated to close it didn't have a huge impact on me thankfully. But for some people it did, everyone's situation and lifestyle is different.

Some use the gym as a place to escape from work, home, and responsibilites of life. Some use the gym as a place of solitude or to connect with others who are working on a common goal. Some go to the gym every blue moon as a reminder that they are still paying for their membership. No matter the reason a gym, studio, or fitness class can be vital to a persons routine, especially when they are new and benefit from extrinsic motivation.

Since this is the case for many folks I wanted to provide a few tips to assist with shifting your mindset and ways to become successful when working out from home.

  1. Create a workout space and use it.

You are fortunate to have a roof over your head and an able body, why not make a workout space at home? Whether it is your basement, corner in your bedroom, spare room, or the garage; think of a space in your home that you can create a workout space. Feel free to dress up the space! Add plants, equipment, yoga mat, floor mat, and more! Just like you decorate your home, office, or cubical your workout space deserves the same treatment. Making a space just for you can enhance the feeling of looking forward to exercising, even if it's just a corner, its your corner for the next hour.

2. Schedule your one hour a day at the beginning of the week.

Ever hear the phrase "Run your schedule or it will run you."? Even though your days may not go as planned 100% of the time, having a schedule to follow helps with stress and overall well being. Think of one hour a day that you can carve out just for you. Maybe its lunch, before or after work, before bed, dinner etc. Write it down in your planner under 'Just for me' and make it non negotiable. Once you get into the habit of taking some time to reset and recharge you will look forward to that time slot that's just for you.

3. Listen to music when working out.

Music is truly amazing, its magical how hearing beats and harmonies can change your enter mood or make your mind wonder to a fond memory. Not only is music relatable its a source of inspiration and motivation when exercising.

Music helps to take your mind off time or what you have to do once your workout is over, elevates your mood, and increases endurance. Create a playlist just for your workouts and an set a alarm for one hour from when you start. This will help you to fully tap into your fitness goals for the next sixty minutes.

4. Shift your mindset about fitness.

Shift how you think about health and fitness as you've had to about work. For example, millions of people shifted to working from home. They have had to shift their parenting, schooling, house arrangements, schedule, and much more. All to ensure they can continue to provide for themselves and their families, to bring home the bacon (or cauliflower)

while being at home.

Consider taking the similar shift when approaching health and fitness.

You have had to make a shift in your routine, it's no longer feasible to go to the gym, a yoga class, or studio before/after work, or during lunch. However you still need to remain active in order to stay healthy, strengthen your immune system, and recharge in order to continue bringing home the bacon (or cauliflower) plus taking care your yourself.

What shall you do? Possibly create a workout space in your home, sign up for virtual classes or training, and schedule time for one hour a day of fitness just for you.

The year 2020 has been about adjusting in situations we have never imagined we would even have to think about, to put our wants aside for the greater good. As Americans that is a hard pillow to swallow; we are a individualistic living society that tends to put greed before people and their basic needs. I hope if you are reading this you do what you can to do your part. Nobody is perfect but we can still help in small ways.

Listen, I know it's not easy to make such a huge shift in your mindset and in life. Think about it we have been freely living one way for decades and all of a sudden we can't anymore. It's a lot to take on physically and mentally, I understand.

I also know that situations don't last forever (even a global pandemic) and that if we shift our mindset, adapt and become open to new forms of working and living that we can continue to thrive.

I hope these tips are useful on your health and fitness journey, remember you are your only competition. Take it one day at a time. Peace.

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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