How are your eating habits during the winter?

Do you find yourself eating more comfort foods and less healthy items?

Are you finding less and less color on your plate?

How is your workout routine during the winter? Do you find yourself putting off physical exercise for tomorrow, next week or the new year?

People tend to fall off track during Q4 of the year, that doesn’t have to be you every year.

Check in with your habits, figure out ways to increase self-accountability and remember that health and fitness goals can only be achieved year round when they are worked on throughout the year.

A few tips to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals in this last quarter!

1. Create a routine, with a back up plan. Prepare a plan or prepare to fail. Health and fitness goals are rarely achieved and sustained on accident.

Carve out time to plan how to achieve your goals!

2. Increase self-accountability. Whether it means going to the gym, virtual classes, grocery shopping, stretching etc. If you don’t hold yourself accountable FIRST nothing will get accomplished. You have to be your first and biggest cheerleader on YOUR journey. That might mean starting your journey solo, trust us when we say you will meet amazing like minded people along the way!

3. Do you have a balanced schedule? What are you consuming on the regular…..internally and externally? It’s easy to workout when the sun is shining and there are endless inside and outside opportunities, what about when the weather changes? Do you have an active schedule during the winter? Although it may look different, it’s vital to continue being active in the winter just as in the summer, spring and fall.

4. Listen to music that helps you focus, turn up, and smile. Music is life slayers, we know this! It helps with our mood, brightens our day and holds a special place within our brain and hearts. When you are feeling off balance, having an off day or need to pick me up, put on that song that gets you going, or helps let out a good cry!

Bonus tip: Make a playlist of your top 10 favorite songs!

As a health and fitness business we know first hand the routine trends. No matter where you are located you are human; your environment, weather and current circumstances can affect you in more than one area.

Take note of those triggers/alarms and how they need to be addressed in order for you to get back into the mental/physical space to work on the best version of you!

Shawnte’ Knox

Soul Health Chronicles LLC is the health and fitness community focused on providing resources and events to assist individuals with working on becoming the best version of themselves. Learn more about Shawnte' and SHC here.

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