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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Can you even believe we are in the last quarter of the year already? It seem's like the two main things people love to start small talk with are: the weather and how fast time flies.

But lets get back on topic, it's time for that monthly reflection collection of October honey!

For me, October felt like it was seven months long for whatever reason that maybe.

Every month is busy, that's just life so I am not going to write about how busy I have been and blah blah blah; because we are all busy. Instead I am going to write about what my time has brought to fruition or what it hasn't quite yet. My blog is all about transparency and authenticity, because that's what is real and relate-able.

This month I learned a few things about myself:

1. I can handle more than I thought, however that doesn't mean I have to.

2. Thinking and acting outside of the box is a game changer.

3. Be yourself at all times.

4. Being the bigger person is a great thing.

5. The importance of showing gratitude.

6. The word 'can't' will never be part of my vocabulary every again.

I can handle more than I thought, however that doesn't mean I have to.

Life will consume you, if you allow it. As the saying goes "What you allow is what will continue".

This month I found myself being a 'yes' woman to everyone and everything before I said yes to myself. I was running crazy to get so much done for everyone but me, and has a result I fell behind on my own goals which is not okay!

We have to remember that we are only one person, yes we can handle a lot and are strong, amazing, and go getters, but that doesn't mean you have to take on the world. Learn when to say no, when to take a break, when to say no, and when to ask for help. Listen to your body and mind, they give you all the signs needed; it can make all the difference.

Thinking outside of the box is a game changer.

This year is all about stretching and growing myself beyond what I think can be possible.

One component of Soul Health Chronicles is interviewing people that inspire, empower, and motivate my health and wellness journey. Check out the current seasons on YouTube:

Believe it or not I am a true introvert who loves interacting with people but I work better with talking with someone one on one as opposed to a large group of people. Working with large groups of people takes a lot out of me, that's just how I am. However, I know that I have to do both with my health and wellness movement because it isn't about me, there's a bigger purpose, so I don't let nervousness or butterflies shine over my intent and purpose.

In October I decided to do a 'Soul Health Chronicles Pop Up Tour' with the mission to connect with people that I want to interview. Emailing, social media messaging, and calling are all great ways to communicate, but there is still that face to face communication that is like no other. Many of the people don't know me and I felt weird to slide in their DM asking for something when they have no idea who I am.

I know you're dying to know how it went.....amazing! Me and my Executive Producer Rayna spent our Saturday going to local businesses and they are all interested in being interviewed!

At first I was nervous and wanted to back pedal, then remembered fear will never speak louder than my faith and purpose. I am looking forward to interviewing each one of these individuals, each journey is inspiring, motivating, and empowering in its own right!

Below are some pictures of the tour!

Be yourself at all times.

One reason the amazing Issa Rae is one of my favorite people and a young shero in the making is that she is herself at all times. I don't know her personally but her journey exudes it. She is herself at all times and people are still drawn to real ass people.

I write that to be a prelude to my yourself all times. I lost count of how many times people call me awkward, weird, different, or that I don't think like them (trust me I don't want to in the first place). Isn't it funny that it's those same people that still gravitate towards me and want to feed off my energy, vibes, and ideas?

Not funny to me, because I've always been myself and knew it would happen, I just smile, be myself, and continue to walk on in the place with style and grace. When people look at you wild when you speak up or when they just stare at you because you are yourself and minding your own business, just smile and continue to be yourself at all times. Most times people that are worried about you are lost in their own sauce and that's an internal problem that you simply can't fix.

Being the bigger person is a great thing.

All of my young life I have been the bigger person in every single situation, I used to see it as a curse but it is certainly a gift in my eyes. A bigger person when it comes to parents, work relationships, friendships, romantic relationships, social media; any and every circumstance you can think of.....anything.

Some people look at being the bigger person as a hassle: "Why do I have to always reach out" "The phone works both ways." "I hit that person up first the last time, it's their turn." "They're the parent, not me.", I could go on forever. I'll be honest that I have these thoughts from time to time and continuing to work on becoming the best version of me. It can get exhausting at times!

The result of connecting with that person and getting out of your own head is worth it.

There are times when you don't get the response you were aiming for, yes that will happen. Where do you go from there? Either continue to try or walk away from the situation knowing you gave it a try rather than driving yourself crazy with what if's. It's just not worth all that. There are people that will respect you, your time, and efforts that you bring to the relationship, you just may have to be the bigger person to. Are you up for the task?

The importance of showing gratitude.

The definition of gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

We live in a fast, fast, fast paced world. So fast that we can forget to show gratitude.....we have to slow down! I love the definition of gratitude because it highlights the importance of returning kindness, not just be thankful, but returning that act of kindness in some fashion.

Showing gratitude doesn't have to be elaborate, just say thank you, show someone you appreciate them; genuine gratitude means the world.

As the great Maya Angelou said "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

The word 'can't' will never be part of my vocabulary again.

I used to be the Queen of excuses and back pedaling, so much so that I wasted so much damn time and potential. Looking back I can't help to think what would have happened if I didn't psych myself out. Recently I was watching 'The Shop' on HBO, created by Lebron James, who is truly so much more than an athlete. The man is a true inspiration period! On the first episode he was explaining that every time his daughter says she can't do something he tells her to not say she can't do anything because it shelters the mind and she'll carry that mindset into adulthood.

Isn't that powerful? We tend to shelter our mind so damn much. We can't do this, we can't do that. YES YOU CAN. Never say you can't do anything, stop talking yourself out of greatness! If you fail that's okay, try again, try again, and one more time until you make it happen.

I have started to remove can't from my vocabulary and it has helped me to think outside of the box and brainstorm about how to achieve my goals. I encourage you to give it a try, when you think or even say you can't do something, replace it with I can and start thinking about how you can. Because you can do anything you truly put your mind to. Lets stop back pedaling together.

As always work on becoming the best version of yourself, you are your only competition.

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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