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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Here we go again! If you are a new reader to my blog welcome, welcome, welcome! And to my ride or die readers; thank you for continuing to read my content! I write in hopes to empower, inspire, and motivate someone on their journey by sharing pieces of mine; which is why I began to do monthly reflections.

September flew by for a sis, I feel like I'm just catching by breath while typing this. Work was busy, life was busy, Soul Health Chronicles was busy; and the Devil tried to get busy and stop me from getting everything in formation. This past month seemed like such a long one too! I kept thinking it was October before the middle of September even hit! Time felt like it was flying but going slow at the same time.

Even at times when you have the faith of a mustard seed, that's still faith, so try to find the light in dark situations and call on your support system when needed.

The key reflections of this month are: sacrifice, patience, and gratitude.

Sacrifice: give up (something important or valued) for the sake of other considerations.

One of the reoccurring words this year in my life is sacrifice; of money, of time, of sleep and more.

To get to where I want to be I have to make my schedule work for me, if that means getting up earlier or going to sleep a little later than so be it. If that means missing social functions and trips to save some coins then so be it. If that means missing my shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Insecure or Law & Order: SVU that's fine, I'll catch them later.I like to think that I am working towards the big picture of my life and goals and that requires sacrifice in the present.

Take a look at your schedule and see what your are spending your time on. How productive could you be if you spent 3-5 less hours watching TV a week? How much time do you spend scrolling on social media, complaining about posts that could be time spend on working towards the best version of you and your goals? When you take a look at your day to day you'll be surprised at how much time you can create for productivity.

Patience: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

""Patience is a virtue.""- mean the ability to wait for something without getting angry or upset. How many of us have said that term but have trouble practicing it? (raises hand)

Patience is something that I am constantly making myself aware of when I encounter situations.

Whether it's getting bad news, a set back, a victory, or in a confused state with no answer at the time; before reacting I always take a step back to look at the situation from a different point of view. In times of chaos and distress, most people tend to go from 0 to 100 and hit the anxiety button. I've learned to dial back before giving a response a reaction. Some see it as nonchalant behavior, some see it as not caring as much as they do, and some wish they were as calm and patient as me and ask ""How do you have so much patience?"" In the past I used to think the worst about every situation and shut down in times of confusion; however through meditation, prayer, and reflection on my attitude and the situations I was in, I realized that most things don't require a 0 to 100 response.

Gratitude:the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

I've learned to be thankful for all of the good and the bad perceived in my life. We tend to look at a setback as a loss when it maybe a lesson to be learned. Maybe it wasn't the time for you to receive what you thought was intended. Or maybe you did receive something but it wasn't you still show gratitude?

Think about how your initial reaction is when you hear bad news......are you irritate? Do you begin to think you deserve more? Do you become envious of what someone else has rather than being thankful for what you have already?

When I think of all that I've encountered in my life, I realized how much favor and gratitude is over my life! Even when I think something isn't going my way I have realized that everything happens for a reason, so I take the time to reflect on it, address it, and progress on. There's always something in store after the storm, be thankful for everything and show gratitude in the progress. The world isn't out to get you, while some seasons and storms seem longer than others still show gratitude and kindness rather than wanting everyone to feel your pain; remember you don't have to act like what you are going through.

September was a long month, full of gratitude, patience, and sacrifice; the last quarter of 2018 may also be the same way.

How will you be spending the last quarter of your year? There's still time to go after what you want!

P.S. There's so much in store for you, I encourage you to take a look at your schedule and see where you can make extra time; practice patience in uncomfortable and uncertain situations, and show gratitude in all situations. Make room in your life for what's next!

As always work on becoming the best version of yourself, you are your only competition!

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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