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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Are you not a "morning person" ? Do you cringe when you hear your alarm clock, or even when you set it the night before? Or are you a "morning person"? Do you enjoy having an early start, or even waking up a few hours than needed on some days?

Whether you're a morning person or you would rather have a later start to your day, I'm here to share with you five reasons to get your workout completed in the morning!

Below are my top five reasons to slay your workout early in the AM, check out my blog about the benefits of having a workout partner here:

1. More time after your day for other things.

Starting your day with a morning workout can leave so much time in your day! Whether you work a 9-5, full time entrepreneur, stay at home parent and more; we can all use a few more hours in our day. For me, I tend to get up two hours earlier to get my workout in and have breakfast.Whether its at home or at the gym, I try my best to make the time in the morning! On the days I don't workout in the morning, I still wake up an hour earlier to get other tasks completed.

2. Energy starter for and throughout the day.

Working out in the morning can give you new found energy for the day! Waking your body and mind up with an active activity can give you the energy boost that coffee just can't do honey!

I encourage you to try working out in the morning for one week and record how you felt after your workout and throughout the day. You may slowly become a ""morning person"" and not even realize it.

3. The gym tends to be less crowded in the mornings.

The gym never looks like happy hour or Starbucks in the morning; it tends to be super empty, one of the reasons I peel myself away from my bed in the morning. When the gym is empty it's more space and opportunity for me to try out creative exercises, get my jam on even more, and have access to more machines.

If you prefer to workout out at home, waking up before everyone else (if you don't live solo) is the opportunity to have your space all to yourself. Connect those headphones and get your fitness goals in where and when you can. Don't allow your living situation or space psych you out, having you thinking you don't have enough space.Wrong!

All you need is an able body and an open mind.

Check out the workouts of the month from SHC, try to implement them into your morning workout:

4. Morning workouts help you sleep better.

Something about morning workouts help me to sleep better throughout the night and I love quality sleep! I notice that after a morning workout, full work day, and additional tasks after work; once my day is complete and I am ready for bed, my mind is more clear and ready to shut down and recharge for the next day! Morning workouts seem to also help with me not waking up throughout the night too, a true bonus.

5. Morning workouts help develop consistency and self-discipline.

Picture this. You look at your schedule and realize the the only time you have to workout is in the morning. You begin to wake up earlier to achieve your fitness goals because they are a priority; that's consistency and self discipline! Wanting to make a change in your life and making the time for it, not excuses. I would not be surprised if that consistency and self discipline spilled over into other areas of your life such as your career, finances, your business, personal relationships and more. Consistency and self-discipline is what gets me to the gym in the morning, knowing that I have set fitness goals for myself I make them and myself a top priority. Will you?

I know we all are not ""morning people"", I know, and I love sleep just like the next individual.

However, I also love striving and achieving after my health and wellness goals.......really my life goals overall. Sometimes that require us to wake up a little earlier, stay a little later, sacrifice sleep, time, money, and etc. This is when the self-discipline and consistency really starts to kick in.

Do you really want it? Are you willing to sacrifice and become uncomfortable for who knows how long? Are you ready to have some people look at you crazy? Are you willing to fail and learn from those lessons? Are you ready for the next level that's in store for your journey?

The truth is, only you know when you will be ready. And when you are, that's when you'll become an early bird. I encourage you to not let your schedule run you, take a look at your day and make sure that you make yourself and your health and wellness journey a priority daily!

As always, work on becoming the best version of yourself. Your are your only competition!

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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