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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Here we go again, reflection time ya'll!

These reflection blogs have been very therapeutic for me. It forces me to be still for a moment and focus on the previous month; all of the blessings, lessons, surprises, and new revelations I have encountered. I always say that I never look back unless I am looking to learn something, and August was a month of learning.

As you all may know, August is my birthday month (shout to Leos, we the best), and the number 8 is also symbolic of new beginnings! I really enjoyed by birthday as I do every year, but this year was slightly different. I realized the importance of having people around you that really care and listen; not just hear you. I realized this when asked what I would like to do for my birthday or what gift I would like. I feel like if you know someone, and listen to them, you'll learn the things they like to do and would appreciate as a gift. My friends know me, and I am blessed to have each an every one of them. We don't have to play the guessing game about anything because we listen to one another. I noticed this quality even more from the gifts I received, it just reminded me even more that I have a pretty amazing circle of family and friends and how important it is to let people know you value and appreciate them.

August was also the beginning of Season 3 Soul Health Chronicles Interviews, you can subscribe and check out Season 1 & 2:

One of my favorite things for SHC is to interview people that inspire, motivate, and empower me on my journey! It's a chance for them to share their journey and serve as a reminder that you are your only competition! Before each and every interview I get nervous, every time! I see that as a good sign, it shows I really care about what I am putting out into the world.

My EP, laughs every time and probably wonders why I get nervous, well now you know girl! I think that being nervous or getting butterflies are a good sign. It's a reaction to being invested in what you are doing, a sign that you are authentic in your efforts. The important thing is to shake those nerves off, they can live for about 30 seconds, then they gotta go! You want to put your best foot forward in every opportunity, recognize the nervousness and do what you have to in order to remove them. For me I play 'video phone' by Beyonce' before I do every interview, it gets rid of my nerves every single time!

I really believe the number 8 symbolizes new beginnings, I have been having so many ideas and new goals come to mind in August! In the past when I would come up with an idea, I would psyche myself out:""I don't have enough money"" ""When will I have the time"" and the list used to go on forever. When I was a kid I wanted to be and do literally a million things when I grew up, my list was insane! But was it really though? What if we kept that same energy we had when we were kids when it came to believing that we can be whatever we want to be?

I'm not saying be unrealistic, I am saying it's time to go after what you want and dream big.

Like the saying goes, ""If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough"" and my dreams do just that; to the point that I am done psyching my self out. I'm more afraid to not pursue my dreams and wonder ""what if"" down the line. When you can't stop thinking about an idea, pursue it. When you keep seeing signs throughout a season that point you in the same direction, take that road. You may not understand at first but everything will soon unfold, you journey is designed just for you; take that first step.

This past month I also realized that I have used ""I don't have time"" to much. The reality is that I do have the time, I just have to stop wasting my time doing things that have nothing to do with working on becoming the best version of myself. In August I took a look at my days and what I spend time on, lets just say a lot of things and people had to go honey! To get to where I want to be I have to cut some things and people out, I may sound like a broken record but its true! You can't get to a new level doing the same things you've been doing the past year or the past three months even. It's time for a new beginning, it's time to remove clutter so there is room for new beginnings and blessings in your life; are you ready to make room?

As long as you are breathing you can go after anything you dream of, nothing is out of your reach.

As always work on becoming the best version of yourself, you are your only competition!

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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