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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Here we go again, time for my monthly reflection! I'm excited about this one, because July has been a month for myself and Soul Health Chronicles overall honey!

Keep reading for July's reflection and if you're new to Soul Health Chronicles, learn more about the health and wellness movement here:

July has been busy, I can't say it enough! One thing I have been focusing on is being productively busy, we can all say we're busy and we definitely are. However, if I'm not busy working on myself or SHC, or something related to my growth; it's honestly a waste of my time and energy these days. I'm really focused at this time in my life so all my energy and time goes to myself, SHC, or things related to my growth, that's all folks.

This month I launched Get Your Program by Soul Health Chronicles!!! Get Your Program came to fruition when I was talking to a friend of mine; he was saying how his wife was looking for someone to work one on one with toward her fitness and health goals and he told her about Soul Health Chronicles (word of mouth and your reputation are still key these days, your work speaks for itself).

At the time personal training wasn't on my list, but I thought back to how many times I've been asked to assist with health and wellness goals. I went back to my drawing board and the WHY of Soul Health Chronicles....why I started this movement in the first place. To empower, inspire, and encourage individuals on their health and wellness journey, a reminder that you are your only competition and to work on becoming the best version of YOU. So why not work with individuals to work on becoming the best version of them (that's when the light bulb went off for me) ?

So I began to form the program, but I wanted to offer something different than the other programs out here. It took sometime, as all amazing things do, but in July I began accepting clients for Get Your Program!Get Your Program is a branch of Soul Health Chronicles, were I work with women one on one who are ready to work on their health and wellness goals! Local and virtual programs are available through a 30, 60, or 90 day program option.....longer programs available upon request.

During this program we make it very personalized, beginning with a free consultation to figure out if the program is a good, what your health and wellness goals are, and how we will get you to achieve them! Get Your Program included monthly personalized workouts, in person workouts sessions, (at the gym, outside, or home options), meal and snack prep suggestions, grocery store trips, and an accountability partner! Get Your Program meets women who they are and works with them one on one to get to where they want to be! It about their goals not mine whatsoever!

It's only been one month since it's launched and it has been amazing to work with these women! This is only the beginning and I'm excited and grateful to be apart of this journey with these ladies.

Another branch of Soul Health Chronicles are the interviews. I am truly inspired, motivated, and empowered by individuals on their health and wellness journeys and I created Soul Health Chronicles to highlight and celebrate those journeys! I took a few weeks off from scheduling interviews to review seasons one and two and brainstorm on how to make the next seasons better and gain a larger audience.

It was at a networking event that I attended that helped me see exactly what I was looking for!

I can't spoil all the great news, just know there are some great things in store for Soul Health Chronicles Interviews, check out season one and two for health and wellness inspiration, motivation, and empowerment interviews here:

July was the month of firsts, Soul Health Chronicles hosted it's first in person group workout session 'Sample Slay with Tay' and it was amazing! Ladies ask what I do to remain in shape and get fit so I thought why not host a session. The weather was perfect, the turnout was amazing, and it was so much fun; doing what I love and sharing it with these women! They could've been anywhere else but they choose to Slay with Tay and that support means the world to me. They also got an amazing workout it so everyone wins!

July has been an amazing month, personally, professionally, and as a new entrepreneur.

Road blocks and detours, are apart of the process its inevitable, but as long as you remind yourself what you're working for and towards, practice self care and life balance, have people on your journey to talk to and are open to change and a different way of looking at things, you will be okay. Everything will bloom and fall into place when it's supposed to, just stay the course.

Check out pictures below of the Sample Slay with Tay workout session by Soul Health Chronicles in Pittsburgh, PA we had a great time!

Check out the workouts for August here:

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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