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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

I began to do monthly reflections this year to....well reflect.

I like to reflect on each month because I always learn something different about myself and current season. I write this blog as a reflection relating to Soul Health Chronicles and how it came to fruition. I encourage you to make time to reflect on and in your current state. What are you proud of that occurred this month? What are you looking forward to next? What lessons have you learned? What have you learned about yourself? Whether its by writing, talking out loud to yourself, sitting in silence, or listening to music and thinking; reflect on your progress and lessons it allows time to take a look at your growth, emotions, and areas for improvement.

June has been a wild one for me, I knew this month was going to be busy, because I planned for it to be, so I was prepared mentally for what was to come. But you know how it goes; the unexpected situations always come when we least expect it, and when we really don't have time for it. Makes you just want to pack up and escape for a minute.

Work wise it was busy, branding and growing Soul Health Chronicles was busy, and just being part of this world was busy; the society and times we live in was just busy, emotional, tiring, and draining. The Devil was working this month, but I truly believe the Lord is always working harder, and everything endured is working for my good and preparing me for what's to come.

Below are my three key reflections from this past month:

Unplug and say no, no, no, no when needed.

I'm one of those side hustle entrepreneurs who enjoys their day job, I like the work that I do. Sometimes when your passion is tied to your work, you tend to put a lot of yourself into your position and can drain yourself if you're not careful. I found myself having so much on my plate that I took my schedule to bed with me......I began to have dreams about what I had to do and girl, I couldn't keep doing that at all! I took a look at my schedule and literally said "what has to get done today will, everything else will wait because there's no fire".

I am invested in my self care now more than ever before, however the duties of this month tried to get me off balance real quick, and I just couldn't have that honey!

I had to remind myself that the work will get done, but I have to take care of myself as well. For me that's not working when I'm not at work, sticking to my schedule, and being fully present in every situation I am in. I don't have children, a husband, or am a sole caretaker for a loved one. My time is all mine and I can fully be present in every situation. When I'm at work I don't check my phone until I take lunch or leave for the day. When I'm out at an event, one a date, grabbing a cocktail, wherever, I am not on my phone.....fully present is the key, it helps my mind to not wander and think about what I have to do once I leave what I am currently engaged in.

If I dedicate certain time throughout the week to create content for Soul Health Chronicles, I'm fully present in my tasks. I've learned that it's so important to unplug and say NO when necessary. Remember to not stretch yourself to thin, that it will all get done,to be fully present in the moment, and say no to things and people that you don't have the time for or that are simply draining for you. They will find someone to assist them, trust me, so in the meantime make yourself your priority. Unplug from people, social media, situations, and tasks when you need to in order to recharge and reset yourself!

Allow yourself to feel and heal.

This month was a very emotional, exhausting, stressful, and sad month. A lot of death, a lot of sadness,anger and frustration to where it becomes hard to talk or think about sometimes. Its. Just. Hard. When certain tragedies occur people express how they feel in a number of ways. Some people talk about it, post about it, fight about it, take it out on others, protest about it, or choose not to discuss it altogether. Hey, to each its own, just allow yourself to feel and heal. Yes things are occurring in this world that we wish weren't, it doesn't make any sense at times but they are occurring....don't turn a blind eye as if its not happening. Allow yourself to feel and heal.

For me I don't talk about it with other people, it just doesn't work for me. I pray about it, I pray hard about it. Another thing I do is paint, I'm not a professional and I don't paint frequently but I will meditate, see an image, and paint it on out.

When I was meditating I kept seeing eyes and dark colors surrounding them, so I used my brushes to express what I was seeing and feeling; it was very therapeutic and healing.

Whatever you are dealing with I truly hope you find a way to allow yourself to feel and heal through the motions, find what works for you.

Solo rock as much as you can.

Me time is essential. I truly believe that hanging with myself is the best time ever. I'm the life of my own party, I mean.....I am a left handed Leo after all. I enjoy the company of friends, family, and meeting new people of course; but something about that me time, it just doesn't compare to time spent with anyone else in this world. I love it. I've made it a priority to make time to spend alone and I don't mean when it's time to go to bed.

I mean hanging out solo; whether its going to the movies, park, new hobby class, a trip, or just spending time alone doing something I enjoy.

It truly helps with my peace, patience, and perspective on everything in my life.

I used to associate wanting to be alone with being an "introvert" but I feel like that's not the case. I'm an adult, and when I want to spend time with people, I do, and when I want to be by myself, I can also do that. I don't think that's being an "introvert" I think that is simply being proactive about where and what you want to be doing.

As always work on becoming the best version of you, you are your only competition!

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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