Hustle HER Way Summit 2018 Takeaways

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

June 8-10, 2018 was a game changing weekend for me and my brand, I might sound dramatic but it is true.

I attended the Hustle HER Way Summit hosted by Kyshira Moffett, who had the vision of bring like minded women together who are pursuring their goals, dreams, and ambitions; "feeling the fear and doing it anyway" as she says.

Let me say, that vision came to life and was so beautiful, empowering, and motivating!

The weekend kicked off with the 'Slay in your lane' networking event, where women had the opportunity to mingle and connect before the full day summit, connecting over a cocktail broke the ice perfectly! I had an amazing time and it was great to connect with one another in person rather than behind phone and computer screens, and to just meet new people in general! I met amazing women who are making moves whether it's in their 9-5, side hustle (or both combined), or a full time entrepreneur. Listening to everyone's ventures made me realize that there will never be enough time in the day so you have to make your 24 hours work and command your day!

Saturday was the actual summit and it was fantastic! At first I was nervous before walking in, I didn't know what to expect, where should I sit, what should I do? I had a pep talk with myself in the elevator and said "remember why you purchased this ticket in the first place", took a deep breath was fully present that day First, the breakfast that was provided was amazing! The summit included breakout sessions for women to attend those that would be the most beneficial for them.

Below are my three takeaways from the Hustle HER Way 2018 Summit

Make time for yourself, daily

Everyone is busy and wears several hats throughout our lives to the point that sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves. At the summit there was a self care and wellness panel discussion that truly opened my eyes. It reminded me that if you don't take care of yourself you're doing yourself a disservice; you can't be at your best if you're running on 10 constantly; and that it is perfectly okay to say no, do nothing and not feel guilty about it. I think as women we tend to want to be there and help everyone and if someone asks us for a favor or request we feel guilty for saying no. Say no sometimes lady, you'll be saying yes to yourself.

The time is now.

I attending a breakout session titled 'not waiting your turn' with Marita Garrett who is also the mayor of Wilkinsburg!

Hearing about her experience in politics, and how folks would tell her to wait, maybe it's not her time, think about it some more, or maybe in a few years she'll be ready......really resonated with me. At times we may talk ourselves out of going after a certain goal or ambition, thinking that it's out of our reach. Thoughts such as: "I don't have the money right now" "I don't have time, so much going on" "I don't have the degree or certification" "I don't know the right people to get me started" come into our head. Girl, if you don't stop letting self doubt speak on your behalf!

I learned from this session that yes you may never feel 100% ready, but start, don't wait your turn. Don't allow fear and naysayers speak for you. Have faith that this goal or idea keeps coming to you for a reason, you keep seeing signs in your life that you should go after it, so give it a true shot. It will require hard work, set backs, and detours; but it will also bring growth, lessons learned, and amazing victories.

If you don't believe in yourself, brand, or business why should anyone else?

Nobody wants to see you win as much as you do. Nobody is going to go after your goals, dreams, or visions like you will. Nobody can represent you, your brand, or business like you do. Don't take that lightly. But first, do you really believe in yourself? You have been brought this idea, goal, or business venture for a reason; it's meant for you so why ignore and shy away from it?

Allowing fear and current circumstances deter you from your purpose is easy; the hard part is stepping out on faith, being your biggest fan at all times, and truly believing in yourself.

The Hustle HER Way Summit 2018 has taught me not to think small, when talking about what you do and who your are, talk like you believe it, and actually believe it. Next time someone asks what you do don't say "My name is Shawnte and I just have 'Soul Health Chronicles' a health and wellness movement.' Say it like you mean it, like you believe in yourself! Speak up proudly and say 'My name is Shawnte and I created 'Soul Health Chronicles to celebrate and highlight health and wellness journeys!'

This summit was truly a wonderful experience and investment in myself and brand personally and professionally. I am excited to see what's next for all the women that attended.

Thank you to Kyshira Moffett for creating and continuing Hustle HER Way Summit, it really aids in women recognizing their brilliance, investing in themselves, and going after their goals and ambitions!

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Heath Chronicles

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