Celebrate your wins big and small!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

How many times do we show up for our friends and family members? Someone graduates, you're there, someone is having a gender reveal, you're right in front to see the color of the cake. Someone is celebrating a birthday, promotion, engagement, or other milestones, you RSVP to the Facebook invite with the quickness!

Are you that quick when it comes to celebrating you? Yes you, you reading this blog.

A lot of times we down play our own wins and victories to the point that when something grand happens, it's like another ordinary day in the neighborhood. Girl, stop that!

We have to stop and celebrate ourselves, smell the roses, relish in our accomplishments, big or small! We set goals and when we achieve or exceed them its amazing, and deserves to be celebrated! So why not allow yourself to celebrate you? You are your biggest fan, your biggest cheerleader, nobody wants to see you win more than you, why not exude that when all your hard work finally pays off! You can celebrate your wins in a number of ways, it doesn't have to be an elaborate way all the time. Don't do it for the gram, do it for you, every single time.

It could be as simple as having a cocktail, watching your favorite show or movie, treating yourself to something you've been wanting to buy, taking a weekend trip, pampering yourself (DIY or at a salon) and more!

For example, when I launched Soul Health Chronicles I treated myself to Chickfila, small to some but big to me.

I don't eat out a lot so it was something special. That's how I celebrated achieving a goal of mine, nothing fancy. When I schedule an interview for Soul Health Chronicles, I celebrate by watching 'Bridesmaids' one of my favorite movies, Grey's Anatomy or Charmed. Sometimes I'll celebrate a win by spending a few hours working out alone.

Ask yourself: how do I celebrate my achievements and wins? The next time you achieve a goal you've been working towards, don't brush it off like it's nothing, because it is something great! You've made a goal of losing 15 pounds, you achieve that goal, now celebrate! How? However you feel like it. You finish school, get that degree and walked across that stage, celebrate that win! You achieved your goal of saving a certain amount of money, celebrate that victory! You started a new business or landed a new client, celebrate honey.

Highlight your hard work, stay focused, and share your journey with others. Then make another goal, achieve it, celebrate it, then repeat. Celebrate and highlight your wins, even if that means celebrating solo, remember you're your biggest fan and cheerleader. After that deserved celebration, get back to your vision board, to do list, or planner and execute the next goal of yours.

As always work on becoming the best version of yourself, you are your only competition!

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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