Drink Water and Mind Your Damn Business

Updated: Feb 20

I love water. I love minding my business as well.

I am a busy black woman who has big dreams and only 24 hours in my day.

I use all my time to stay hydrated, grow my brand, educate myself, inspire motivate and empower individuals on their health and wellness journey, practice self care, grow in my career, stay hydrated, and mind my damn business.

If everyone minded their business the world would be a better place, I truly believe that. One of the main reasons the U.S. is always in some mess is because our country doesn't mind it 's own business and leave well enough alone. But I am not here to talk politics...just saying though.

Ask yourself: when there is drama or a "hot topic" on your social media feed that you know has the potential to distract you from being productive, do you feed into it, lurk on statues and join the circus? Or do you shake your head close those applications on your phone and focus on getting your goals of the day accomplished?

I know what you are thinking, you can partake in the gossip of the day and still get other tasks done right? True you can, but your focus is split and the work you are now producing is now half ass because part of your focus is elsewhere. For me, it's all or nothing when it comes to getting things done. No time for any distractions from any one or and application on my phone okay!

Ask yourself: if there are people gossiping in the workplace, do you pull up a chair and join in throwing shade or do you walk away, continue minding your business and do something productive like, I don't know, maybe work?

Ask yourself: when people in your social circles are sending screenshots, throwing shade at people in group chats, or at a happy hour, or any outing; do you participate or do you change the subject to something more positive and entertaining in a different way?

Ask yourself: when people make someone else's finances a topic, do you join in and try to count their pockets too? Or do you worry about your own finances, budget, and make a plan to increase your income and credit score?

Soul Health Chronicles blog serves as a constant reminder to work on becoming the best version of yourself because you are your only competition. Just you! So why would you waste your time on anything that is not directing you in the direction of becoming the best version of yourself?

Ask yourself: was the hours spent gossiping, the shade your threw on your lunch break or the pointless share of screenshots of people frauding and perpin on social media worth the time you will never get back?

Time that could have been spend on grinding toward your goals, real conversations that have depth and meaning, tackling tasks and assignments, or even practicing self care. But who knows because that time is now gone, and produced absolutely nothing productive, only more clowns that joined a circus with an audience full of perps, frauds, and folks that do way to much for some damn likes. Because guess what honey, those people you wasted your time on are still continuing to do them regardless and live their life. Whether you have something to say about it or not.

I encourage you to drink water and mind your damn business, walk away from negative topics and people, and surround yourself with those that are empowering, motivating, and inspiring to you.

As always work on becoming the best version of yourself, you're your only competition!

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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