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B.A.D.D.I.E do you know what that means? Well this Baddie is here to tell you. If you know me personally, or virtually, you know that I say the word 'Baddie' at least.......let's just say I say it a lot okay! People laugh when I say it, but I am so serious when I use this word! I don't know if it was a specific song that mentioned "Baddie" or what, but thank you to whoever brought this gem to the black community!

What does this word really mean? There's definitely a definition in the urban dictionary, I'm sure, however I want to give you my own definition. Because I love to personalize everything, okay! I created an acronym for 'Baddie' that fits my lifestyle and makes me want to say it even more.







A 'Baddie', to me, is not about the physical honey, not at all! Being a 'Baddie' is a state of mind, illuminating from the inside out! Its all about working on becoming the best version of yourself and reminding yourself that you are your only competition! It's about not being a secret hater, more of being genuine with your intentions, focused on slaying your goals, and empowering other women to be their best self; just all around greatness.

Soul Health Chronicles ( is the movement centered on empowerment, motivation, and inspiration on your health and wellness journey! My audience are millennial women who are on an authentic health and wellness journey, their own chronicle! A 'Baddie' mindset is needed when on your health and wellness journey; full of highs and lows, distractions, detours, and temptation to get you off path! Your mind has to be aligned with your body in order to become consistent and and create new habits for your lifestyle!

The Baddies who are part of the Soul Health Chronicles movement are working on becoming the best version of themselves and remind themselves that they are their only competition! Continuing or starting to slay their goals left and right, replacing excuses and fear with work and grinding to turn their dreams into reality; now that's a definition of a real 'Baddie'! Knowing a different definition of this word, doesn't it make you want to start using it and embark on a health and wellness journey focused on reminding you to become the best version of yourself, a reminder that you are your only competition? Because you are a baddie, so own in it and live like one!

P.S. be on the lookout for 'Baddie' merchandise from Soul Health Chronicles! Stay connected with us at !

As always, remember to constantly work on becoming the best version of yourself, you are your only competition!

Shawnte’, the creator of Soul Health Chronicles is a workout lover and blogger. She is inspired by health and wellness journeys and wanted to create a platform for them to be highlighted and celebrated. She encourages people to work on becoming the best version of yourself and serves as a reminder that you are your only competition!

Learn more and connect with Shawnte’ at

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