Quality over Quantity. All Day Everyday.

We have all heard the saying "quality over quantity".

I love this saying love it, love it, love it! Why? Because it is nothing but the truth! Well to a sister like me and in my life it is. It's always quality over quantity around these parts and proud of it honey! When I was younger it was definitely the opposite, (I admit that I can be stubborn and may need a lesson once or twice, but I am working on my flaws okay) but throughout my experiences and lessons on life's journey, I truly realize the importance of quality over quantity in every area of my life.

Quantity refers to the amount or number of something and quality refers to the degree of excellence of something or the standard of something as measured against other things.

The above are book definitions, but can I share my definitions with the people, for the people, and by the people? Quality, to me, means that the amount of something doesn't matter, more so what matters is the value of something; how it adds to your life. Does it fulfill you? Add value? Make you less stressed? Pours into you or drains you? Quantity, to me, means the amount is what matters most, not if there is really quality behind the numbers, but what looks good on paper, to the culture, society, etc.

Quality is having few things that of are high value as opposed to quantity, the importance of having more of something.

In today's culture, it may seem that it is more quantity over quality. We live in a digital, ever changing society; full of instant gratification, lack of patience, and a fixation on quick results. The world and society can have all that, that is cool beans. Being the nonconforming woman that I am, I'll take quality over quantity. Every. Single. Time.

I love this saying because it can be applied to every situation in life and can help you evaluate and reflect on what is important to you.

Ask yourself:

Would you rather have 500 friends or 3-4 that you know will be there for you no matter what, loyal, supportive, keeps it real, and that you can depend on without a doubt?

Would you rather play games with 10 people who only what to know what's on the surface or have one person that pours into you, invests into you and your dreams, listens to you, and pushes you to be your best?

Would you rather have a million followers who don't engage with you, full of spam and pyramid schemes, and don't like your posts or would you rather have consistent followers that are social, engaging, real people, and like your postings?

Would you rather have overnight results or embark on a journey that will have set backs, ups and downs, require growth and change, but will add value to your life, character, will be authentic, and can inspire someone else that they don't have to take short cuts to get results and achieve their goals?

Would you rather achieve a goal quick, fast, and in a hurry just to say you did it or would you rather go through the grind; the steps that will add value to your life experiences, build your character, increase your patience, change your outlook and perspective of yourself and life overall, and have an amazing journey to look back on and say "wow I can't believe I really turned my dreams into a reality"?

Would you rather have all the money that would solve your problems right here and right now or see the value and quality in a limited income/budget as an lesson in life to learn how to manage your finances when your are uncomfortable; so when your income doubles or triples (claiming this for everyone okay) that you will know how to spend save and invest your money in order for it to increase?

I'm just trying to show that quality over quantity is not going out of style.

As an entrepreneur I realize the importance of quality over quantity more than ever. I have seen the importance of recognizing those that support me and are excited about Soul Health Chronicles. I also recognize and value those who support, follow, share, engage, and mention the movement to others. We might not have a million views, a trillion followers, or a billion dollars but what we do have are followers that we value, individuals who have been empowered, inspired, and motivated while on their health and wellness journey, and those who have started their health and wellness journey because of Soul Health Chronicles. Now that is quality honey! Something that is priceless and the true reason why I created Soul Health Chronicles.

As always continue to work on becoming the best version of yourself, you are your only competition!

Shawnte’ , the creator of Soul Health Chronicles is a workout lover and blogger. She is inspired by health and wellness journeys and wanted to create a platform for them to be highlighted and celebrated. She encourages people to work on becoming the best version of yourself and serves as a reminder that you are your only competition!

Learn more and connect with Shawnte’ at

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