Six ways to not let your situation stop your coins.

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Have you ever felt like you were in a position that you were over qualified or under qualified for? Feel like your work and contributions to a company is being overlooked? Or how about feeling that you should be making more money or have more responsibility but keep hitting a wall? What about feeling like coworkers and bosses are throwing shade; whether in person or through emails. (I strongly dislike when people are rude over email, I don't know what it is! I'm a work in progress though.)

In the past, I would let my attitude and emotions get in the way of my coins. I would assume all the wrong things and take them to heart, like I wasn't replaceable. However, I am older and wiser and can look back and honestly say that I was seriously trippin'!

Sometimes we may be in positions that we know we are under qualified for,may have no room for advancement, or know we should get paid more. Everyone's situation is different; some of us take jobs because of temporary situations, financial obligations, school schedule, simply to make ends meet, and etc. But I am here to tell you that a job shouldn't control your attitude and emotions or stop your money flow. Yes, it maybe uncomfortable, not ideal, and not where you want to be; but growth is uncomfortable, but necessary! We have to do the things we don't want in order to grow and constantly remind ourselves that every situation is temporary (as long or as short as we want it to be, there are opportunities out there okay!).

If you are in a place where you know you could be doing more and actually want too, I encourage you to change your outlook on your situation, to see the benefits on not being where you want to be right now, but still doing what it takes to get there even when it's uncomfortable!

Keep reading for ways that an not so ideal situation can be in your favor and a resource to assist you in making your next career/job move!

1. Work off the clock, on you-if you are not where you want to be, are you taking the steps to grow? Have you done mock interviews, seeking a mentor, had your resume updated, volunteer work, attended networking events? Nobody can read your mind, if you want to advance and grow, use the resources around you to assist, and don't be afraid to ask for help! You have to invest in yourself first!

I constantly remind myself that I want to own my own businesses and be my own boss. So as much time as I spend on the job working for someone else, I have to put twice as much effort, time, and discipline into myself and my dreams once I am "off the clock".

2. Self care-Self care can be defined how you would like. I think of self care as taking care of yourself emotionally and physically. That can mean doing a killer workout, treating yourself to alone time, a spa day, TV binge, hanging with friends and family, going to the movies solo and more. It’s truly about doing what you need to in order to recharge yourself. I commit to this by writing a day and time for self care in my calendar no matter how busy I get! We tend to feel guilty when we take time for ourselves, but think of it this way, if you’re no good to yourself how can you be of use to others and the different roles you have in life.

3.Take on additional tasks and responsibilities-You may not be where you want to be, but you are in this situation for a reason, why not use it to your advantage and grow from it! If you are in a position where you feel underpaid and overworked, use the experience as a time to learn new skills. If your boss is asking for help on a project, assist and make it work to your advantage. If you are getting more responsibility but your check doesn't reflect it (Not just yet, but keep grinding!) , add those skills and projects to your resume and portfolio.

Don't allow your ego and pride to hinder your growth, even when you may not see it.

4. Remove 'just' from your vocabulary-I have done this and let me tell you, it is life changing.

I used to say all the time "Oh I'm just a social worker" "Oh I'm just an assistant" "Oh I just started a blog" and on and on. Don't downplay yourself, you should be your biggest cheerleader, at all times! If you don't show, act, and communicate that you take yourself and your work, side hustles, or dreams seriously, why should anyone else? Words are powerful, so hype yourself up, at all times, especially when you don't feel like it.

5. Try not to read in to emails or calls too much--People are not going to respond how you want all the time, but taking their responses, wording, and tone of voice personal is not the route to go! If you feel someone is being rude, smart, or simply tripping on the job, (in the words of r&b singer Monica) don't take it personal. Plain and simple. Respond professionally and continue doing your job, because you are here for your coins and not theirs, so keep doing you.

6. Don't allow your attitude to stop your coins--There will always be something that you don't like or may not agree with, but the workplace is not the place voice every opinion. When you hear something wild or notice changes in the workplace that you may not agree with, respond in a professional manner and keep it moving. If this is not a environment you want to be apart of anymore, take the time outside of work to brand yourself and look for opportunities elsewhere.

Look, I just want us all to be great! Yes you may not be where you want to be or in the position you want or at your dream job; but are you dwelling in the situation and letting it run your attitude and life? Or are you viewing it as an opportunity to grow, increase your patience, learn new skills, and taking the time to invest in yourself to change your situation?

I'm sure not where I want to be, but I am doing what I have to do to get there, and growing in the process while investing in myself and being my own cheerleader while on life's beautiful journey. Are you?

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As always, work on becoming the best version of yourself, you are your only competition!

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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