Chile, press that button!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Toxic, toxic, toxic. Toxic people, toxic situations, toxic air, but seriously, there are so many toxic things and people in our lives. However, I have some great have control over what you absorb and who you choose to be around.

Now, regarding social media, man social media!!!

Social media is powerful if used wisely and for the greater good. It can be used as a source to connect with others, get a good laugh, become a member of virtual communities, job resources, and even the start of friendships, it will surprise you!

However there is another side, a side that I view as toxic and a waste of time. Pages that post nothing but negativity, bashing, pointless and degrading material to be honest. Personally, I usually don't post much on social media, I'll post a selfie here and there, a rant on snap chat, vacation pictures and etc. anything to personal remains offline, that just how I roll. Since the launch of my website I have began to post more frequently, but with the focus of business, documenting, and generating traffic to my site and social media business pages.

I used to follow so many people on social media. When I would scroll on my timeline I used to see some crazy posts, posts that I would think were fit for a journal or a call to a close friend, pictures that would have me wonder if people were getting a profit for exposing themselves. Rather than become annoyed about what people posted, I realized they can post whatever they want, I simply do not have to follow them. I would not care who they were, I just refuse to absorb toxic and negative posts, videos, and pictures. So I went on ahead and cleaned up my social media followers, and posts that would make me go "oh nah what is this", I would let them go.

Slowly but surely I began to see my timeline in a whole new different light!

I encourage people to do a "spring cleaning" of their social media pages every couple months. Don't be afraid to press that button! Unfriend people that are toxic, on social media and in your real life. If someone is a Debbie downer 24/7, 365, every time you talk to them they are just pessimistic and consumed with nothing but drama and negativity, take a break from them. If you reconnect and they still have that dark cloud over every conversation or encounter you have with them, reevaluate how much you are investing in the relationship. You may not realize it but they sure are draining your energy.

Below are suggestions for removing the toxicity from your life okay!

  1. Clean your social media friends and followers

  2. Use the mute button if necessary

  3. Be honest with yourself and your intentions, if someone notices you are no longer social media friends (or in real life), tell the truth!

  4. Distance yourself from whatever you need to in order to get yourself in order and back on track. You don’t owe anyone a explanation.

  5. Begin to follow new people and make those connections!

P.s. Most people don’t notice it’s mainly for your benefit!

My energy and peace are so important to me so I am very careful of what I absorb, give my energy to, and what I am around. I am a real life introvert, like the real deal, but at the same time I know how to socialize, network, and be around people. But I refuse to be around people who are nothing but negative, pessimistic and full of drama, like refuse to.

What you choose to absorb is powerful and can be positive, motivating, and inspiring or it can be toxic negative and a waste of precious time, it's all up to you.

You have the power, so chile press that button!

As always, work on becoming the best version of yourself, you are your only competition!

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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