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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Am I the only one that has a history of inconsistency?

You know, saying you'll do something, really want to do it, get into the zone of starting, then......psyching yourself out, making an excuse, or simply putting it off to the point it just doesn't get started or finished.

Or how about wanting to do so much in life, but all at once? Wanting to start a business, wanting to go back to school, wanting to travel more, the list goes on and on.

I used to be the person trying to do multiple large goals simultaneously and end up burned out, resulting in nothing getting accomplished. The feeling of not getting anything completed resulted in me wasting even more time, wallowing in self pity, and self doubt. I have realized that working on one or two goals at a time is better for my sanity; I am able to get more accomplished and more focused when I'm not doing a million things at once.

During the past few years, I have suffered from major inconsistency issues, like seriously, major. I remember wanting to do so many things after graduating college, thinking I was running out of time to go after the things I want for myself.

I realized that my ambition level was high, which is great, but when it came down to doing what it really took to achieve such goals as enrolling in graduate school, started a business, moving to a new state, and etc; I would make excuses, psyching myself out once again.

I realized that I truly didn't want to achieve certain things, they were merely an idea or a wish, rather than a goal which requires work and sacrifice. I finally realized that when I really want something, I find a way to get it done, by any means necessary. I will use my health and wellness as an example.

I like to look good and feel good, call me vain Shawnte' but that is okay.

I know that when I eat right and work out consistently it results in a better attitude, more energy, an overall amazing feeling! I evaluated my schedule and seen I had a heavy workload, and a life outside of work of course (oh the importance of a work life balance honey!) but knew I needed to fit in my fitness. So what did I do? I fit my goal into my schedule, I began getting up at 5 am every morning to get that workout in. On the days I didn't wake up early, I would go after work or workout right at home (shout out to Shaun T hip hop abs!).

I made health and wellness a priority because I truly wanted it, and was willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve my goal.

I now apply this method to any goal I set for my self and have actually been getting things accomplished, go figure! I am creating a business and studying to become licensed in a field that is foreign to me (for now). So what am I doing now to achieve these goals you ask? I am making the necessary sacrifices, being consistent, making smalls goals geared towards my main goals; doing whatever it takes to achieve my goals because I want so much more for myself. Life is all about choices and I am choosing to go after everything I want.

So rather than making excuses, sabotaging myself with self doubt, not thinking I have all the resources needed, and being inconsistent; I am choosing to replace these with time management, starting right where I am, branching out, and realizing that where I am is not the finish line and enjoying the beautiful process along the way. No more wasting time okay!

Hey if it was easy I honestly wouldn't want it. Giving up is easy, pushing through is hard but well worth it.

As always, work on becoming the best version of yourself, you are your only competition!

Shawnte' Knox

Owner, Soul Health Chronicles

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