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the soul to the health

Soul Health Chronicles is the fitness accountability movement teaching individuals how to prioritize fitness goals into their busy lives. Through empowerment motivation, and inspiration; we set out to be a reminder to work on becoming the best version of yourself because you are your only competition! Making time for yourself is priceless, starting with one hour a day!

Can you schedule one hour a day for your fitness goals? We can help! Our fitness challenges, programs, and tips will help you prioritize your fitness goals!

plans & programs

Check out the creator of Soul Health Chronicles Shawnte’ fitness and life blog for tips, advice, and inspiration on your fitness journey! 

journey, lessons, laughs

Soul Health Chronicles is a platform created to share and highlight health and wellness journeys that inspire the movement!

empower, inspire, motivate

 Soul Health Chronicles Branded Products

learn, try, and repeat

Have a short time to work out today? Check out Soul Health Chronicles quick exercise videos, and work on toning, slimming, core defining and more!

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Soul Health Chronicles

empowerment ~ motivation ~ inspiration

Fitness Accountability Advocate

Personalized Tone & Sculpt Programs

Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level?

Ready to tone and sculpt your body?

Tired of setting goals and not achieving them?

The good news is that you are not alone, SHC can assist!

Many of us want to achieve our fitness goals, we just need help along the way.

Having an accountability partner keeps you motivated, focused, and accountable. 

Learn more about our programs here.


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